Tapas at Lodhi

18 12 2009

Silk Road Sound Design Service does the music decoration for Tapas, the wine bar downstairs Lodhi, the most chic lounge of Delhi.

Metaphores of Balearic lifestyles are now redefined from India.

The content was entirely selected through the vaults of  Deep Emotions Publishing, the largest source of Span”ish” Music available in India.

Listen to the Tapas at Lodhi Radio:

Tapas at Lodhi by Silk Road Communications


What if “Chants of India” was produced today ?

18 12 2009

Introducing Shivoham’s new album “Shanti (Peace) Mantras” released on Silk Road label.

“Shanti Mantras” are part of the Vedas, the world’s oldest prayers/poems (2nd millenium B.C.). The video has three themes: daily morning rituals across the Indian subcontinent, meditation as the boat that helps cross the river of life, transmission of faith between generations.

Shivoham explains the making off “Shanti Mantras”:

Shivoham “Shanti Mantras” an Audio Documentary by Silk Road Communications

India’s growing little label that can…

18 12 2009

Silk Road is a ‘best practice’ music label – in its relationship with its artists and licensees, respectful of every one’s rights and transparent in its accounting practices. Artistically, we invest in South Asian artists who have a crossover potential and license music from independent, cutting edge international labels for distribution in South Asia. Our catalogue is distributed by Universal Music in A and B grade cities while we distribute the Universal Music catalogue in C and D grade cities in India.

Silk Road is a sister company of India’s first and only full-service music publisher Deep Emotions Publishing (www.deepemotions.com), co-owned by Universal Music Publishing Group. The label is the creativity lab of quality songwriters from Deep Emotions who find here a supportive and organized environment for their riskier projects. The label, which has received funding from an angel investor, acts also a distributor for independent Indian producers and as a guide for Indian performer’s career.

Silk Road services also as a music curator ( music supervision, sound design ) for films and public spaces, heritage palaces, luxury resorts, high-end spas, retail boutiques and destination kitchens.
It compiles cutting edge selections of library music to render the most sophisticated sonic incenses to soundtrack India’s day to day unique lifestyles.

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