Decorating the Falaknuma Palace with Music

19 09 2010

Passed on for generations like a precious jewel, The Falaknuma Palace or ‘Mirror of the Sky’ was the royal guest-house of Nizam Mehboob Ali Khan of Hyderabad.

Designed by an Italian Architect in the late 19th century and after ten years of sensitive restoration by the Taj group, this scorpion shape Palace houses the most unique collection of Jade in the world, the largest collection of Venetian Chandeliers and a library, replica of Windsor castle’s library, storing the finest collection of Qurans in India.

Silk Road Communications added the very final touch of the decoration by curating a selection of music whose splendour and nostalgia is enhancing the reality of guests’ experience to fantasy a past they haven’t lived, yet.

Sit in the Nizam’s study and listen: