Recordings of The World Festival of Sacred Music

17 10 2010

A festival presented in April 2000, in Bangalore by Tibet House, the Cultural Centre of H.H. Dalai Lama

Also available as a 36 pages luxury digipack, delightfully illustrated by ace-photographers Roland & Sabrina Michaud. 12 tracks, 66 minutes on SR022.


Sarod Variations

1 10 2010

The first volume from the Sarod Workshop of Bhargav Mistry

Re-emerging from the deep meditation of his latest album Shanti Mantras and before embarking onto his next opus, composer Bhargav Mistry takes here a break to enjoy a carefree handling of his Sarod in Cool Jazz mode, inviting us to a pleasurable Easy Listening.

While one is close to the gods and far from men on a Tiger Hill near Udaipur, the other never travelled the Road to India.

Corrado Rossi lives in the ancient Italian Lombard city of Bergamo, in the foothills of the Alps, which has a continuous and well-documented musical tradition of more than 800 years.

Mistry and Rossi have never met. They discovered each other’s music through MySpace, made friends on Facebook and exchanged their audio files through digital clouds. One exchange led to another until they realized that they had enough material for an entire album!

This Indian Fusion project came as a breath of fresh air for jazz composer and multi-instrumentist Corrado Rossi who composes regularly for film and television and whose style reveals a great kinship with Eric Serra’s soundtrack of the 80’s “Le Grand Bleu” – (“Big Blue” which was also film director Luc Besson’s first international blockbuster) – and adds a cinematic quality to Mistry‘s sarod blues.

These tracks, entirely composed and recorded via Internet, are bright and carefree and illustrate the lifestyle of modern urban India. They could make a great sound score for images of contemporary India.

CD – 9 titles – 39 minutes – digipack designed by Roshni Desai – to be released in India on October 20th, 2010, Digital distribution is already available

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