SR 026: Sarod Variations “Road to India” by Mistry & Rossi

The first volume from the Sarod Workshop of Bhargav Mistry.

Re-emerging from the deep meditation of his latest album Shanti Mantras and before embarking onto his next opus, composer Bhargav Mistry takes here a break to enjoy a carefree handling of his Sarod in Cool Jazz mode, inviting us to a pleasurable Easy Listening.

9 Tracks, 39 minutes, Digipack

SR 025: Mohammed Rafi “The Last Songs”

These songs were the last ones Rafi recorded before he expired. They were recorded for a film directed by Dilip Bose that never completed production and got lost.

Found again by Silk Road Communications, 6 fully produced tracks including 2 duets with Asha Bhosle were compiled into this album “The Last Songs”.

This is a stunning once-in-a-lifetime discovery, a priceless heritage of India’s 20th century nascent urban culture! A Rare collector item “The Last Songs” are dedicated to the Rafians, the millions of Mohd Rafi fans around the world!

The album includes a bonus audio track to discover the extraordinary story on why these songs are released after 30 years.

SR 024: Something Relevant (STR) “Feels Good 2B Live”

Something Relevant aka STR is India’s leading Pub Jam Band taking it to the Stadium Stage.

A 7 members ensemble, which includes a brass section & an Indian percussionist who have found  a sound that infuses their classic blend of jazz, funk, blues, reggae, rock, pop, soul & even afro highlife resonating with the sounds of Bombay.

This debut album gathers with brio a collection of original music that are drawn from personal experiences interspersed with gripping instrumental jams of youthful effervescence and irrepressible love for the stage.

SR 023: Shivoham “Shanti Mantras”

Like a counterpoint to his ultra-minimalist “Shankara”, Shivoham surprises with this absolutely lush, grandly composed album that mixes with great ease and felicity instruments from Iran to Korea, and even a saxophone in the sublime “Tvam Ekam”.

This could be the best world album to come out of India since the classic “Call of the Valley” in the mid-Seventies.

A highly gifted composer and deft sarod player, Shivoham delivers here a true masterpiece. The lyrics are taken from the Peace Mantras of the Vedas (circa 2nd millenium B.C.) 10 tracks – 60 minutes – Digipack 36 pages

SR 023: Sacred Music of India

The exclusive recordings of the festival for the new Millenium : “World Festival of Sacred Music” held in Bangalore in April 2000 and organised by the Tibet House, the cultural centre of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

A fine selection of moments of rare virtuosity rendering  South Indian classicals, Baul Gana, Rajasthani Folk, Vedic Chanting, Bhajans, Dhrupad… on an impeccable recording

12 tracks – 66 minutes – Digipack 36 pages – preface by H.H. the Dalai Lama

SR 008: Shivoham “Shankara”

If you are familiar with India’s great ascetic, philosopher Shankara (8th century), this album of his poems will delight you.
If you don’t know Shankara, this is an ideal introduction: the crystalline voice of Aparna Panshikar, the flights of Bhargav Mistry’s sarod against a delicate wall of sound illustrate, with apt minimalism, the great beauty of Shankara’s mystical poems.

The 36-page booklet has the original sanskrit texts (in Roman characters) translated in English, delightfully illustrated by ace-photographers Roland & Sabrina Michaud.

Deeply moving, almost timeless. 6 tracks – 57 minutes – Digipack 36 pages